Monday, 29 March 2010

What a busy day!

Well its been a busy day today, I was up early and had all my ironing done before
8 o'clock, managed to do a little bit of crafting before DD got up. Had breakfast and did the usual house jobs, as it's DH birthday tomorrow I made his cake, when I came back from my shower the middle had sunk, a lot and there was fresh cocoa powder on the cake. How did this get there, not me said DD with a very guilty look on her face. She had decided to press the cake in the middle while it was still quite warm so it sank, needless to say I was not a happy Mummy, but hey it was done and I don't think she'll do it again. We went into town with my Mum and spent ages looking round the shops then it was time for DD last ice skating lesson for this block. She passed her assessment with flying colours and was so pleased with herself she was nearly floating on the ice!!! She has asked to do Level 2 so it has been booked and starts fairly soon. Well that's it for today going to see if I can finish one of the projects I've started ready to do some more tomorrow.


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