Monday, 13 June 2011

Alter/Recycle Food Container for Crafty Cardmakers

This time at Crafty Cardmakers we have been asked to alter/recycle a food container.

This was a box holding those little thin biscuit sticks covered in chocolate which my DD loves. She also loves painting and bought a set of the Paint Fusion Stamps, so we had a go together with no DVD to watch either. The daisy on the front of the box is my attempt so all you fab painters please don't laugh too much. I painted the box with a couple of coats of acrylic paint, painted the inside as well as I didn't like the grey cardboard showing. I took the lid and cut some holes for the new paint brushes to sit in. My DD loves it and I was really pleased with it when I was finished.
Altering things hasn't really been my thing but having done this project I can see the fascination for other people.


Wishcraft said...

It's lovely, I think your flower looks very pretty :o)

Re your comment on my 'paper ban' post - ARE YOU MAD?!!! Stamps as well? Nope, couldn't do that lol! Good luck to you though. Lisa x

Anonymous said...

This makes a great paintbrush holder. And your daisy is fab. xx

Lin said...

Don't be putting yourself down, your Daisy is great, the leaves in particular are very three dimensional looking! Great use of the container too. My paintbrushes are in various jam jars, lol

Lin xx